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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Mariah Carey have plastic surgery?

Her fuller and rounder cheek maybe the result of plastic surgery since her cheeks look higher compared to before. But, many of her fans seem to disagree with this idea. Mariah Carey, after one plastic surgery, she decides to take another surgery. Let’s hope it does not become her addiction.

What happened to Mariah after cosmetic surgery?

This is always the goal of cosmetic surgery and is aimed at looking as natural as possible. It still possible to notice that even though Mariah has always had high cheeks, they have gotten higher and fuller. At the same time her nose has also had some work done and is now thin especially at the tip.

How old is Mariah Carey?

Mariah is already 44 years old, but she still has a fresh and youthful look. It makes people wonder about the real secret behind her beauty. Some people agree that Mariah has done plastic surgeries to help her get a sexier image.

Did Mariah Carey have $1 billion worth of insurance on her limbs?

Every day, it's easy to run into celebrity rumors. To begin with, there was Mariah Carey's record-breaking cost of plastic surgery on her face, followed closely by the record-breaking cost of limb insurance. So just come to imagine that the singer had $1 billion worth of insurance on her limbs.

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