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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some traditional songs for mariachi bands?

What are some traditional songs for mariachi bands? 1 El Son de la Negra. Also known as “Le Negra,” this folk tune is easily one of the most famous mariachi songs. Immortalised in 1940 by the composer ... 2 Volver Volver. 3 México Lindo y Querido. 4 Malagueña Salerosa. 5 La Bamba. More items

What do you need to know about mariachi?

One more thing you should know is that Mariachi is sacred for us, so if you’re planning to visit Mexico and party with us, you need to know a few mariachi songs. This list will help you to feel like a Mexican, and if you memorize the lyrics of any of these songs, I’m sure you’ll be the soul and life of the party singing these Mariachi songs.

What is a mariachi song for a funeral?

However, mariachi describes a type of Mexican folk music that can be appropriate for many different occasions, including a funeral. Here are some mariachi songs (as well as a few other Spanish-lyric songs) to consider for a funeral or memorial service. Are you trying to find a song that describes the loss of a mother or special grandmother?

What time does a mariachi band sing on a birthday?

In Mexican culture, it's common for a mariachi band to sing this song during the early hours of the morning on someone's birthday; that can be as early as 5 AM! While the band performs, guests will often light fireworks for a little extra noise.

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