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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro get married?

A Surprise Wedding! On New Year's Eve, Maria Menounos and her longtime love Keven Undergaro got married during Fox’s New Year’s Eve live broadcast just before midnight in a surprise ceremony, which was officiated by her co-host Steve Harvey.

Is Maria Menounos expecting a child via surrogacy?

On February 7, 2023, however, Menounos took to Twitter to officially announce that she and her husband would be welcoming a child via surrogacy sometime this year. "We are overjoyed to share that we are finally gonna be parents!"

What did Menounos and Undergaro wear to their first wedding?

For Menounos’ first wedding, the bride wore a Pronovias strapless lace “Randala”-designed gown with a matching lace detachable coat, while Undergaro opted for a Ralph Lauren tux. The two exchanged their own vows with rings by Jean Doussett while their parents, including Menounos’ mom, Litsa, who is battling stage-4 brain cancer, watched nearby.

Is Menounos' cake really a fairytale?

On Instagram, Menounos posted a picture of the happy couple cutting open a massive, berry-covered cake. “Truly a magical fairytale,” she wrote.

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