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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maria Bartiromo's net worth?

Maria Bartiromo is an American journalist, columnist and television news anchor who has a net worth of $50 million. Though it should be noted that a portion of Maria's net worth today comes from her marriage to financier John Steinberg. Maria Bartiromo first made a name for herself as the longtime co-host of the program "Closing Bell" on CNBC.

How much does Jessica Bartiromo make a year?

Bartiromo signed a new five-year contract with CNBC in late 2008. Her salary there was around $4 million a year. Former colleague Dylan Ratigan has said that Bartiromo “is a generational icon for financial television. Full stop.” On November 18, 2013, it was announced that Bartiromo was leaving CNBC to join Fox Business (FBN).

Is Maria Bartiromo a celebrity journalist?

Bartiromo became part of controversy due to her interview with Donald Trump. Her work in the interview was accused of being propaganda rather than journalism. Furthermore, Maria has also been accused of being a celebrity journalist. At present, there are no rumors concerning Bartiromo and her career.

Who is Maria Bartiromo husband Jonathan Steinberg?

Maria Bartiromo’s husband is Jonathan Steinberg. The couple got married in 1999. According to reports, Maria Bartiromo has bought a house in the posh East 62nd Street worth $6.5 million. Maria Bartiromo has no kids as of yet.

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