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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Marantz sr8015 the first 11ch AVR with 13CH?

… The new Marantz SR8015 is the first 11CH AVR from Marantz capable of 13CH processing when using an external 2CH amp. It will have a 3 year life cycle so will continue to be discussed in this thread until it is replaced in 2023.

Does the Marantz sr8015 support Auro 3D engagement?

Note: Marantz doesn't allow Auro 3D engagement for tops. They have to be configured as front/back height channels. The SR8015 carries over the flexible input assignability from the SR8012 but with a refresh based on the updated connections and an input mode for easier toggling between connection types.

Should I get a Yamaha 8015 or 8500?

The 8500 with its toriodal transformer realy has more power and is more stable, especially when you play it at a higher volume whith lots of bass and other sounds. I would definitely pick the 8015 if I had to choose.

What is the difference between the 7015 and the 8015?

When comparing the new 7015 to the 8015, the 8015 has more power, channels, all that stuff, but it also has a toroidal transformer which the 7015 doesn’t. I know that people say that toroidal is better, but I don’t have much experience comparing them.

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