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Frequently Asked Questions

How many channels does a Marantz sr-8012 have?

The Marantz SR-8012 is a 11 channel surround sound receiver which you can operate as a 5.2.4, 9.2.2, 7.1.2, 7.1.4 or 7.2.4 and if you do not use all your channels you can assign unused internal amplifiers to another zone for example listening to music in another room.

How do I adjust my Marantz sr8012 speakers?

Marantz SR8012 offers 0.5dB channel adjustments and 0.1ft trim increments. In most situations, I typically use the auto-setup system to configure delay and level for the speakers and then disable the EQ because it usually does more harm than good.

How many Watts Does a Marantz AV receiver use?

The high-caliber offering in Marantz's current lineup of AV receivers is the SR8012, an 11.2-channel beast machine that boasts 140 watts of power per channel (into an 8-ohm load, 20Hz to 20kHz, 0.05 percent THD, two channels driven).

Does the Marantz sr8015 support Auro 3D engagement?

Note: Marantz doesn't allow Auro 3D engagement for tops. They have to be configured as front/back height channels. The SR8015 carries over the flexible input assignability from the SR8012 but with a refresh based on the updated connections and an input mode for easier toggling between connection types.

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