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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Marantz sr8012 easy to set up?

Marantz has put forth quiet an effort to make the setup of their receivers easy for the layman. As with the Denon models, upon initial power up you are asked a series of questions pertaining to your speaker layout, size, etc so the SR8012 can properly configure them.

What is a Marantz HT receiver?

Marantz is a Japanese-based electronics manufacturer that focuses on high-end components. Its HT receivers, also called AV receivers, generally include a pre-amplifier, power amplifier, and a radio tuner.

What kind of receiver is a Marantz Rs 3559?

Vintage Marantz RS 3559 A/V Receiver Century Collection Champagne Steel Rare! Only 1 left! Marantz manufactures AV receivers for home theater setups. These receivers feature numerous inputs and outputs for entertainment devices. The receiver can be used for 4K video and surround sound that uses DTS, Dolby Atmos, and other advanced sound codecs.

What is a Marantz 12dB/Oct HPF?

The "containment" feature is nothing more than a 12dB/oct HPF in its default setting as you can see in the above graph where the bass rolls off below 80Hz. For those that want to fine tune the equalization of their system, Marantz offers a manual 9-band graphic EQ for each channel.

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