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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Maps available in the UK?

Free and always accurate driving directions, Google Maps, traffic information for the United Kingdom (UK). Explore satellite imagery of London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, on the Google Maps of Europe below.

What are some of the best places to visit in the UK?

The country's appeal has much to do with its diverse scenery and rich cultural heritage. The best places to visit in the UK include everything from beautifully preserved country estates and castles, to its many world-class art galleries and museums.

What is the best way to use Google Maps?

Much better and accurate way is to use Google Maps Directions API. This will give you the distance between locations based on the road and type of traveling you are going to use.

How accurate is Google Maps?

Each and every person with an active Internet and a decent device can easily find out the locations accurately. Google Maps is just a navigation service based on the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS was first made by the USA in 1973 for navigation and tracking of its military services. However, it was not very accurate at that time.

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