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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an LPC supervisor?

Round out your training with hands-on consultation and guidance to start your new adventure. *Webinar registration must be submitted at least three (3) days prior. Upon completion of the coursework and webinar, receive your Certificate of Completion and apply for the LPC Supervisor status within 2 years.

What is the LPC/LMFT supervisor training course?

The LPC/LMFT Supervisor Training course prepares participants to identify the needs of their supervisees whether supervising for their employer, as a Supervisor for the licensing boards, or as a Supervisor or Consultant for associations or certifications.

How long does LPC training last?

LPC’s and LMFT’s have 90 days to complete the training once they purchase the training. After 90 days, participants will no longer have access to the course to complete the training and would need to re-purchase the training. For LPC’s the training can be used to apply for LPC Supervisor status for 2 years after completing the training.

How many CEUs does LPC supervision count?

*Counts as 40 LPC CEU clock hours, including 12 LPC CEU clock hours of Texas ethics. *Sue & Suzanne will also teach you how to maximize your LPC Supervision business potential - we are the original LPC Supervision/Private Practice combo-course, have trained hundreds of LPCs and guided dozens of private practices!

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