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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a LPC need supervision?

The LPC Associate license allows you to begin accruing the supervised clinical experience necessary to become a full Licensed Professional Counselor. All applicants for LPC Associate must: • submit a complete application and fee • submit a signed supervisory agreement form with a board approved supervisor • submit passing scores from the ...

Does a LPC require supervision?

Supervision must be provided by a qualified supervisor. At least 1,800 hours must be completed under an LPC that has 5 years of experience within the last 10 years as a professional counselor. There should be 2 hours of supervision for every 40 hours of client hours.

How difficult is the LPC?

The LPC is a heavy course – the material itself is not necessarily difficult, but the quantity can prove daunting at times. The course is structured with lectures and the material is then thoroughly discussed in small seminar groups.

Can practicum hours count for LCPC?

If an LPC intern has excess practicum hours they are applying toward internship totals, only 200 of these may count toward direct totals. (Yes, even if you have a surplus of 400 direct hours somehow—only 200 can count toward direct totals.) This is true only for applications submitted prior to August 1, 2017. 6.)

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