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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lpcaga doing to help Supervisors?

Recently, at LPCAGA we have seen an influx of supervisors needing guidance concerning matters ranging from licensure requirements to ethics violations. As a result the Clinical Supervision Committee wants to provide you with reminders that will assist in your provision of quality, professional, and ethics based supervision.

What is happening with supervision at the Licensing Board?

We have seen a 60% increase in supervision audits at the Licensing Board due to supervision paperwork discrepancies. Applicants have had to testify (justify) at a Composite Board hearing; supervision. The CPCS Committee and a host of others worked to identify the issues and help provide a working solution.

Why use the new industry standardized supervision forms?

Using the new Industry Standardized Supervision forms (correctly filled out) can minimize the chance of application denials, saving both supervisors and supervisees valuable time and money!!! SUPERVISION FORMS: Click on the titles below to download the pdf/xlsx forms.

How long is an LPC license good for?

For applicants on the LPC licensure track. One-time registration good for 4 years to allow enough time to complete the NCE and Post-Degree Experience and Supervision. For applicants obtaining licensure at the highest level as a "first-timer."

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