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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Texas LPC supervisor?

*Get all 6 hours of required TEXAS LPC SUPERVISOR training in one class. PLUS three hours of Texas-specific Ethics. Register online. We process and email you a confirmation with specifics for your class. Easy and Done! The Texas LPC Supervisor Refresher Course is a six hour training for current state-approved LPC Supervisors.

What is the LPC/LMFT supervisor training course?

The LPC/LMFT Supervisor Training course prepares participants to identify the needs of their supervisees whether supervising for their employer, as a Supervisor for the licensing boards, or as a Supervisor or Consultant for associations or certifications.

How long do I have to complete the LPC training?

LPC’s and LMFT’s have 90 days to complete the training once they purchase the training. After 90 days, participants will no longer have access to the course to complete the training and would need to re-purchase the training. For LPC’s the training can be used to apply for LPC Supervisor status for 2 years after completing the training.

What is a licensed Professional Counselor supervisor?

They are Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisors with over 15 years experience operating a private practice, supervising, and educating counselors read more Now Offering Two Options! Brought to you by the owners of The Wellspring Review NCE Prep Training.

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