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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Longmont dairy farm offer delivery?

Yes, Longmont Dairy Farm offers delivery. What forms of payment are accepted? Longmont Dairy Farm accepts credit cards. How is Longmont Dairy Farm rated? Longmont Dairy Farm has 4 stars. What days are Longmont Dairy Farm open? Longmont Dairy Farm is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri. Longmont Dairy Farm is a Yelp advertiser. About About Yelp Careers

How do I set up auto-pay at Longmont dairy farm?

Longmont Dairy Farm offers the convenience of auto-pay. Set up auto-pay and enjoy the benefits and convenience. Through the Account menu you can change your email address and password, set up a secondary user, or sign out of your account.

Do Longmont dairy products contain peanuts or nuts?

See each product for nutrition information. Longmont Dairy produces their products in a nut free facility. Some products, provided by outside vendors, may have been made in facilities that process peanuts and nuts, or may contain peanuts or nuts.

Is Longmont dairy good for making yogurt?

I signed up for service with Longmont Dairy when I moved into my home a few years ago. I like to make my own yogurt, and they are the one home delivery service with milk that is NOT ultra-pasteurized, which makes it better for yogurt making. (It is pasteurized, though--that's a good thing.)

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