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Frequently Asked Questions

Is dog food cheaper than human food?

It is cheaper, but not all people food is meant for dogs. But if you buy human food just to feed it to your dog, it costs much more. Cheap dry dog food costs as little as $0.25 per pound, which is much cheaper than fresh human food. Is it cheaper to make my own dog food?

Are Dogs Allowed in the stores?

Unfortunately, not all national chains allow pets inside their stores. But there are some stores with pet-friendly policies, though it’s hard to tell. The good news is that more and more national chains, especially in dog-friendly cities, are allowing pets and the list is increasing. 1. Home Depot This hardware store welcomes your pet.

Is there kosher dog food?

There is one brand of pet food, Evangers that has been checked by rabbinic authorities and is certified as suitable for kosher homes, but according to Jewish law, this is unnecessary (and the dog food isn’t suitable for human consumption). There’s really no reason not to buy regular dog food.

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