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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LivingTree's professional development?

Livingtree's Professional Development training goes beyond just understanding the importance of family engagement, and equips leaders and teachers with effective strategies that improve parent communication and create authentic family engagement.

Does LivingTree offer free accounts for teachers?

Livingtree offers free accounts for teachers, families, and school organizations Please note: if your school or district has purchased a Livingtree plan, please contact your school administrator or Livingtree Support about setting up and linking your account. Signing up for an account below will not connect you with your school or district.

Are LivingTree products FDA compliant?

All LivingTree Botanical products are FDA Compliant with intense focus on helping you relieve pain, anxiety and stress, and create the most restful, rejuvenating sleep patterns. Welcome to The LivingTree Family! We care about your health & wellness.

Why choose LivingTree botanicals CBD?

LIVINGTREE BOTANICALS Created with 100% TLC & The Highest Quality Hemp grown on USDA-Certified Organic Farms in Colorado and Washington, LivingTree Botanicals CBD will be a favorite staple in your everyday routine.

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