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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next patch for League of Legends?

The good news is, we’ve got you covered. Riot Games has now unveiled the League of Legends 2022 patch schedule, which kicks off with League of Legends patch 12.1 on Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

How to sign up League of Legends PBE?

PBE stands for Public Beta Environment, and it runs separately from the main League of Legends game. To sign up for the League of Legends PBE, your account needs to be in "good standing" and reach ...

Is there patch League of Legends?

League of Legends patch 11.24 has been revealed, and it features buffs and nerfs to several champions and systems. READ MORE: Meet Port Sulphur Band: the ‘Hunt: Showdown’ musicians that are heard, but not seen As posted to Twitter by RiotPhlox ...

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