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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs are available in LAUSD?

Homepage LAUSD Employment The Los Angeles Unified School DIstrict offers a variety of employment opportunities, including teaching, administrative, and other credentialed (certificated) positions to classified positions (technical, clerical, business, and other non-certificated positions).

What does LAUSD stand for?

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is the 2nd largest public school district in the United States. The school district consists of Los Angeles and all or portions of several adjoining Southern California cities.

What services does the Los Angeles Unified School District offer?

Happy Holidays! As a Los Angeles Unified School District employee, you have access to the EASE program, a specialized counseling service which provides telehealth, face-to-face counseling, phone consultations and community referrals. Get support during difficult times: Safe. Easy. Convenient. Free.

What is the Los Angeles Unified School District hiring stipend program?

The Los Angeles Unified is offering hiring stipends of $5,000 for newly hired credentialed teachers who elect to work in high needs schools (High or Highest on SENI Ranking) and commit to remaining at their school site for a minimum of three years.

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