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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in a LAUSD school?

For additional enrollment support contact the school directly; visit the Enrolling in an LAUSD School website or call (213) 241-3840, option 1. Student On-Line Pre-Enrollment (PDF). Pre-Enrollment for Unified Enrollment Accepted Placement (PDF).

What is the myMail ID for LAUSD students?

LAUSD Student Login MyMail ID: Password: Website Accessibility for Userswith Disabilities

Can LAUSD email messages be forwarded to another account?

No. For security reasons, the District does not allow LAUSD email to be forwarded to another account. Recall that LAUSD email is provided to employees to use for official District business, so it makes little sense to commingle LAUSD email messages with those from personal or other accounts.

Does LAUSD offer dual language education?

LAUSD offers Dual Language Education programs from TK to 12th grade designed for students to reach advanced levels of academic and language proficiency in both languages and gain sociocultural understanding and competency. Learn More Inter-District permits allow parents from one school district to attend schools in another school district.

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