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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Los Angeles Unified's daily pass?

Welcome to Los Angeles Unified’s Daily Pass! Your one-stop shop for a safer return to campus and to work. If you are a parent, you will need your Parent Account.

What is a LAUSD parent/guardian account?

LAUSD Parent/Guardian A parent account allows you to: Apply to multiple school choice programs offered by LA Unified: eChoices (Magnet, Permits With Transportation and Dual Language), Zones of Choice, Incoming Inter-District Permits, District K-12 Open Enrollment, Conservatory of Fine Arts, etc.

How do I open a parent account with Los Angeles Unified?

You may also contact your school site or call the Los Angeles Unified Hotline at 213-443-1300 for assistance with opening a Parent account. Employees, contractors and students can use their single-sign on (LAUSD email address) when selecting "Employees/Students" below.

How do I log in to LAUSD?

Enter your full LAUSD email address and password to Log In. e.g ([email protected], [email protected]) © 2013 MicrosoftHome

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