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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Los Angeles Unified's daily pass?

Welcome to Los Angeles Unified’s Daily Pass! Your one-stop shop for a safer return to campus and to work. If you are a parent, you will need your Parent Account.

What is the daily pass?

The Daily Pass contains a QR code that must be presented at our school entrance, before each school day. Students will arrive at school at 8:00 AM. Students will present their Daily Pass and get their temperature checked (contactless). Students must wear a mask the entire time they are on campus (except to drink water and during breakfast/lunch).

Is LAUSD phasing out the “daily” part of daily pass?

This year, LAUSD is largely shelving the “daily” part of Daily Pass. Students will no longer need to fill out a form every day attesting they’ve been symptom-free in order to gain admission to campus.

How much does LAUSD cost?

Here’s Where To Turn For Help All this testing added up: LAUSD administered between 1-2 million tests each month — roughly three times the number of tests they’d anticipated — at an estimated price tag of more than $500 million annually.

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