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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact LAUSD?

Contact the LAUSD IT Helpdesk on (213) 241-5200 or submit an online service ticket at for technical assistance if you are unsure of your LAUSD user email address or password is.

How many employees does LAUSD have?

Highest salary at Lausd in year 2018 was $290,072. Number of employees at Lausd in year 2018 was 36,876. Average annual salary was $73,920 and median salary was $82,068. Lausd average salary is 58 percent higher than USA average and median salary is 89 percent higher than USA median.

How do I login to LAUSD Schoology?

To login Schoology Lausd Learning Management System (LMS), here’s how to get started: Enter your LAUSD Email Address and Password ( e.g [email protected]) When you need to go to another class, click on the blue Courses tab to access your menu of courses. If you log in to Schoology using an email address, you can reset your password.

What is the LAUSD APP?

The LAUSD APP is here! Digital Collaboration for Students, Parents, Educators and Administrators.

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