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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KCTS 9?

As a PBS member station, we bring our viewers the public media experience of high-quality drama, news, documentaries, science, kids programming, important local stories, and special acquisitions that are unique to KCTS 9. You can trust KCTS 9 to provide a wide variety of programs that entertain, inform and connect with you and your community.

How do I get my KCTS 9 membership information?

Use the KCTS 9 membership lookup tool to receive an email with your membership information. If you do receive an email please check your spam filter, or contact us to have add your email address added to your membership account. See the back of your Viewer Guide, your member number is in the address label: Not sure which login method you used?

When did KCTS start?

KCTS first went on the air on December 7, 1954, broadcasting from the campus of the University of Washington, the station's original licensee, and using equipment donated by KING-TV owner Dorothy Bullitt. Channel 9 was a sister station to KUOW-FM, which the University of Washington put on the air two years earlier.

Where is KCTS-TV?

KCTS-TV. The station's offices and studios are located at the northeast corner of Seattle Center, and its transmitter is on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

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