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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the KCTCS catalog?

The KCTCS Catalog serves as the students’ guide to academic programs and services that our colleges provide. Students who enroll in an academic program should fulfill requirements as they exist at the time of such enrollment. If requirements change while the student is enrolled in a program, he/she may fulfill either the new or old requirements.

How to contact BCTC library news?

BCTC Library News Library Spotlight Library Spotlight Bluegrass Community and Technical College470 Cooper DriveLexington KY 40506Toll Free: (855) 246-2477 Request Information Visit a Campus Contact Us Start Your Application Giving Campuses Job Seekers Anti-Harassment Accreditation Supplier Information Privacy & Terms Contact Us BCTC YouTube

How do I contact MCC?

Continuing Education (270) 824-8660 Disability Services (270) 824-1708 Financial Aid 1-855-55GO-MCC (1-855-544-6622) Human Resources (270) 824-8649 Library (270) 824-1722 Public Relations (270) 824-8581

Can KCTCS make changes?

However, KCTCS reserves the right to make changes in the calendar, admission policies, expenses, programs, curricula, course descriptions, or any other matters addressed or not addressed in this publication. Prospective students and enrolled students should check with college admission officers and academic advisors to learn of any changes.

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