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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Kansas arrest records?

What are Kansas arrest records? Arrest records is a term used to denote the data collected in the CHRI (Crime History Records and Information Repository) of the Kansas Bureau of Investigations (KBI).

When can a police officer make an arrest in Kansas?

As per Kansas state laws, an officer of the law may arrest a person under any of the following circumstances: The officer has a warrant commanding that the person be arrested. The officer has probable cause to believe that a warrant for the person's arrest exists in Kansas or another jurisdiction.

What are Kansas arrest warrants and bench warrants?

Although people typically only hear about Kansas arrest warrants issued in felonies, these directives for detention are also common place in other criminal matters, in cases of failure to appear and contempt of court. The second type of arrest orders is known as bench warrant.

Can I expunge my arrest record in Kansas?

Kansas law does allow you to expunge your arrest record under certain circumstances pursuant to K.S.A. 22-2410. Expungement is a legal process that effectively shields or deletes your record from public access.

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