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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an arrest warrant the same as a search warrant? The major difference between an arrest warrant and a search warrant, is the fact that an arrest warrant is a warrant that provides law enforcement with the authorization to arrest an individual, as well as to hold or detain that individual.

Can police come to arrest someone for warrants?

An arrest warrant is an official document, signed by a judge (or magistrate), which authorizes a police officer to arrest the person or people named in the warrant. Warrants typically identify the crime for which an arrest has been authorized, and may restrict the manner in which an arrest may be made.

Is an arrest warrant required to arrest someone?

However, as long as police have the necessary probable cause, a warrant is usually not needed to arrest someone suspected of a felony in a public place; these laws vary from state to state. In a non-emergency situation, an arrest of an individual in their home requires an arrest warrant.

Are arrest warrants public record?

Accessing a public record of an arrest warrant is sometimes possible by visiting a local police department or county courthouse, which may require a fee, depending on the particular local laws and whether the warrant is outstanding or archived.

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