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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the laws for citizens arrest?

The law states a citizen's arrest can be carried out to the prevent the person: Causing physical injury to himself or any other person. Suffering physical injury. Causing loss of or damage to property. Making off before a constable can assume responsibility for him.

Are citizen arrests legal?

Determine whether the crime is a felony. In most states, it's legal to make a citizen's arrest when you see or have reasonable cause to believe that a person committed a felony, even if the felony was not committed in your presence. Citizen's arrests are not usually legal when the crime committed is only a misdemeanor.

Are citizen's arrests really a thing?

Yes , A Citizen's Arrest Is A Real Thing Every now and again on TV and in the movies, you'll see a character (who is not a police officer) witness a crime and make a "citizen's arrest."

Can a citizen arrest someone?

That said, in almost every state you can make a citizen's arrest when someone commits a felony. When someone commits a felony: Generally, it's best to stick with a felony you have witnessed personally, because you can usually only perform a citizen's arrest for a crime you see with your own eyes.

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