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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a joovy stroller weigh?

Stroller brand Joovy started with a single model – the Caboose Graphite Stand-on Tandem, way back 2002. Joovy made several refinement to the original Caboose and its success led the compnay to launch many more variants of the Caboose. Caboose Graphite Ultralight: 22.6 lbs. Standard stroller. Rear seat accessory (Caboose Too seat) available.

What is the best sit-and-stand stroller?

If the idea of a stroller board makes you a bit uneasy, then the Joovy Caboose sit-and-stand stroller is a great option. It’s a compact but full-featured stroller that offers all-wheel suspension, a deep recline, ample storage and a built-in boogie board, so your child can be towed with no attachments necessary.

How much weight can the stroller seat and board support?

The stroller seat and board each support up to 45 lbs, and the stroller is compatible with many car seats! Add on the rear seat option to transform the board into a proper seat for your tot, too.

Is the caboose graphite a double stroller?

The new Caboose Graphite is a must-have for parents strolling with children of different ages because it offers double stroller features in a compact size. With a new lean profile and upgraded features, the Caboose continues to empower older siblings.

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