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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JOOR and how does it work?

JOOR has put the entire wholesale buying process online to enable brands and retailers to drive incremental revenue, cut costs, improve their customer experience and analyze performance through data analytics. JOOR has 8,600 brands on the platform and Al Tayer was the 28th retail company on the Joor Pro system.

How big is JOOR?

And, we are continuing to grow in a smart, sound way. Founded in 2010, JOOR now services more than 12,500 brands and over 325,000 retailers in 144 countries, processing an incredible $1.5B in wholesale transaction volume each and every month.

Where is jojoor based?

JOOR was founded in 2010 and is based in New York with locations in Los Angeles, London, Milan, Paris, and Sydney.

Is jojoor available for cloud?

JOOR is available for Cloud. We’ve put the entire buying process online to make wholesale smoother and smarter for both brands and retailers.

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