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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Jon Andersen's deep water?

Jon Andersen’s Deep Water packed with … pages of inspiration and great training and nutrition information, PLUS 6 awesome bonus products can be yours for just $27 by 11:59PM PST by Sunday February, 16 th after that it will increase to $47.

Does deep water work?

Deep Water works if you are willing to do the work.Almost every training session with Big Jon is set up to be some kind of battle. Jon will construct handicaps and co-efficient ratios to keep everyone in the game. You dont have to be the strongest or the toughest person alive. All you need to train with Jon is a good attitude and an open mind.

What is Jon Andersen's training like?

Jon Andersen has taken his body to places that few people could ever imagine possible. His training is more grueling, his diet more extreme, his will more indomitable. Jon’s 100 rep set of power cleans with 220 pounds is one of the most astounding physical feats imaginable.

How much flesh does Jon Andersen eat a day?

say Jon Andersen has consumed four to six pounds of flesh a day for the last twenty years. Thanks to Deep Water, Jon is 300lbs with never more than 7% body fat. Hes a physical juggernaut. Its hard to imagine that he isnt pre-contest or tapering, but this is how Jon

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