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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best workout for JoJo Siwa's body type?

Yoga is one of the workouts that will guarantee to give you the result that you are looking for, Jojo Siwa has a slim and flexible body type, and the daily practice of yoga can achieve that. The same goes with pilates, as pilates is very well known for giving you a well lean and flexible body as well.

What is JoJo Siwa doing in 2021?

JoJo Siwa during The J Team Drive-In Premiere Screening and Special Live Performance, at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. Friday, September 3, 2021. (Francis Specker / Paramount+)

Are JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew dating?

Pop star and television personality JoJo Siwa and girlfriend Kylie Prew are putting their romance in the spotlight. The two love birds stepped out on the red carpet for the premiere of Siwa’s new...

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