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Frequently Asked Questions

Is San Mateo a good place to eat Japanese food?

San Mateo remains a singularly excellent destination for Japanese food. It’s got Japanese restaurants that specialize in hard-to-find culinary sub-genres. It’s home to what’s probably the Bay Area’s best-regarded traditional kaiseki restaurant, Michelin-starred Wakuriya. The ramen scene is more consistently solid than anywhere else in the Bay Area.

Is there Japanese food in the Bay Area?

But these days, the Bay Area’s Japanese food scene has exploded and dispersed. The latest splashy izakaya or ramen-ya is just as likely to open in Oakland — or Palo Alto or the Tenderloin — as it is in historic Japanese neighborhoods like the one in San Mateo.

What is Nijiya Market?

Nijiya Market is a small Japanese grocery store. The Japanese market offers groceries, alcohol, and kitchen wares. I happened to shop at the store during my visit to the shopping center. Nijiya Market reminded me of Daiso, Suruki Market, and a badly stocked dollar store.

Why is San Mateo so popular?

Today, a Bay Area food enthusiast might only know San Mateo for its on-trend, hype-heavy Japanese restaurant scene, which has risen, in part, because of the local clientele’s demonstrated willingness to stand in line for three hours to procure a coveted bowl of noodles.

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