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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nijiya Market - San Mateo like?

Start your review of Nijiya Market - San Mateo. My favorite go-to Japanese market in San Mateo. Excellent sushi to-go selections. Overall this market is Clean. Organized. Fresh. (My small complaint is the aisles are tight and hard to get around small spaces on busy weekends)

What to eat in San Mateo?

They have a great selection of prepared foods as well as hot meals available. Takahashi Market is one of my go-to spots in San Mateo. I love the musubi to-go (spam, Portuguese sausage, and salmon belly are my favorites) and the plate lunch is solid (I recommend the kahlua pork and the lau lau). I also enjoy getting the poke and mac salad here.

Where to buy sashimi in Tokyo?

Located in the downtown area. Suruki Supermarket is conveniently located. If you walk straight to the back, you can custom order all the sashimi you desire - from your run of the mill maguro to high end otoro. You can even get some Ikura to top it all off. And you can get as much or as little as you desire.

Does San Mateo County require residents to cover their nose and mouth?

The San Mateo County Health Officer, in coordination with other Bay Area health departments, is requiring residents to cover their nose and mouth with a face covering, such as a bandana, scarf, towel, or other piece of cloth or fabric, when leaving home in many situations.

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