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Frequently Asked Questions

Is numberbarn a good company?

NumberBarn has a consumer rating of 4.22 stars from 41 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with NumberBarn most frequently mention customer service and cell phone. NumberBarn ranks 4th among Call Forwarding sites. Service 10

Is numberbarn a waste of time?

Thanks NumberBarn. NumerBarn is a waste of time I spent money and lots of time trying to port my number from NumberBarn to my Xfinity carrier. I paid for a service I did not get that service and I hear of many other people that have the same issue. I'm In the process now of trying to get my refund back.

What is the number barn service?

The Good The focus of the Number Barn service revolves around the ability to store phone numbers at a low price. This is particularly useful if you have very few calls but do not want to give up the phone number, as perhaps you have had it for many years. Parking or forwarding the number ensures callers can still reach you.

How does number barn compare to VoIP?

The Number Barn service is very limited in capabilities compared to the vast majority of providers in the VoIP market. The service essentially behaves as a relay point for one (or several) phone numbers not requiring a full-fledged phone service.

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