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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get verified on Instagram in 6 simple steps?

If you’re eligible, Follow this step?Open Instagram, and hit your profile image at the bottom.Then click the three-line menu button at the top right.Now, Click setting and then click Account.And then on request Verification.Now, Fill out your full name, what you’re known as by another name, and select a category that describes your Instagram account.More items...

How do you copy and paste on Instagram?

Access Instagram through the browserFind the post you want. Select the content with mouse, and copyPaste where you prefer, like a notepad to edit.

How to copy and paste a link on Instagram?

First open your Instagram appLogin to your accountTap on three-line button on the top rightNow, it shows you several optionsHit“copy profile URL”Share it or paste it everywhere you tend

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