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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Insite™?

INSITE™ is a Microsoft Windows based electronic service diagnostic program that allows you to troubleshoot Cummins electronic engines. 1. Your company’s firewall may inhibit the installation of this file. Please contact your system administrator for assistance if you receive such a message. 2.

What is Insite self service (MSS)?

The supervisor and hiring department contact will receive an automated email containing the employee’s login information. InSITE Self Service is a tool that allows employees to view (and in some cases update) their personal information. This capability is available to all active employees. Managers also have access to Manager Self Service (MSS).

Do I need to sign up for an insite account?

Already Signed Up! It is no longer necessary to sign up for an Insite account. As a SpartanNash associate your account should already be created. To log in, click on the [Cancel] button below and then click on the [Associate Single Sign-On] button on the previous screen.

What is my username and password for Insite?

The first time you login to InSITE, your password will be: Employees hired before 12/11/17, your username is the first character of your first name and the first 7 characters of your last name followed by your InSITE employee number (the InSITE employee number is on your paycheck) - Example: John Sampleguy employee id 234, would be JSampleg234

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