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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a LPC need supervision?

The LPC Associate license allows you to begin accruing the supervised clinical experience necessary to become a full Licensed Professional Counselor. All applicants for LPC Associate must: • submit a complete application and fee • submit a signed supervisory agreement form with a board approved supervisor • submit passing scores from the ...

Does a LPC require supervision?

Supervision must be provided by a qualified supervisor. At least 1,800 hours must be completed under an LPC that has 5 years of experience within the last 10 years as a professional counselor. There should be 2 hours of supervision for every 40 hours of client hours.

How much do mental health counselors make in Illinois?

In this place, their wage ranges up to $57000. They generally provide counseling and diagnosis in some cases to the patients who have difficulties with mental and behavioral disorders. They are in charge of helping the patients to achieve a new thought pattern and stabilize mental health.

How many hours of supervision are required for LCSW?

Minimum 2,000 hours overall (must include a minimum of 750 hours performing face-to-face individual or group psychotherapy) • A maximum of 40 hours may be credited during any single week • A minimum of 1,700 hours (any type) must be supervised by an LCSW. • A maximum of 1,200 hours may be qualifications are met.

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