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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CB mean in English?

English Language Learners Definition of CB. : a range of radio frequencies that people and especially truck drivers use to talk to each other over short distances often while driving also : a radio that uses this range of frequencies. cb.

What is CB radio?

• A social network for people who enjoy the personal touch of real conversation. • An easy-to-use simulation of a ham radio, a CB radio, and a walkie-talkie, all in one. •CB does not use Citizen's Band radio frequencies.

Why choose CB properties?

Because CB Properties is simply an extension of our management philosophy we use to successfully manage our own portfolio’s. Our clients are the life blood of CB Properties. Once a month we single one out and ask them why they chose us and what makes them stick around.

What is the CB app?

At its core, the CB app is designed to function like an old-fashioned Citizen's Band radio, but with unlimited range. An in-app purchase unlocks broadcasting so you can get in on the fun! Your privacy and safety are very important to us at CB. Because of this, your exact location on the CB map will NEVER show up to other users.

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