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Frequently Asked Questions

Can kids paint Suncatchers?

Suncatchers are available in kits and as single pieces in craft stores. Children can spend hours painting these clear plastic pieces. Children as young as 5 years old will be able to paint a suncatcher for a window hanging or part of a mobile. The hard see-through artistic pieces are easy to paint and are sturdy for kids' crafts.

What are DIY suncatchers?

They are small and colorful decorations that catch the sunrays and bring a joyful ambiance to your living space. They are the perfect crafting project to make at the beginning of summer, so here are 13 colorful DIY suncatchers you can hang in your home! 1. Bead Suncatcher Beads are one of the best materials to make a suncatcher from!

How do you Paint A suncatcher with two colors?

Choose a second color to add to the piece. Change the paint color by washing the brush thoroughly in water while the first color dries for several minutes. Dip the brush into a second pot of paint, and paint the back side of the suncatcher again. Dab or lightly brush the second color in areas to create dimension.

How do you glue A suncatcher?

Thread some clear thread through a thick part of your suncatcher with a needle. Find an area near the edge of the suncatcher where the glue is thick. Thread some clear string through a needle, then push the needle through the glue. Tie the ends of the string into a loop.

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