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How old are the cast members of That '70s Show?

Topher Grace was also 20 years old. How old was the cast of That '70s Show when it started? the show came out in 1998 most were in the early 20’s except Mila Kunis who was only 15 and Wilmer Valderrama who was 18. with Laura Prepon being the oldest at 28

What happened to the cast of That '70s Show?

Here are the current whereabouts of the cast members: That 70s Show has been off the air for well over a decade now, believe it or not. Beginning its run in 1998, the Fox sitcom enjoyed eight seasons of steady ratings before ending in 2006. We do remember Topher Grace as Eric Forman, and one and only Laura Prepon as nasty Donna Pinciotti.

Who was the youngest cast member of That '70s Show?

Jackie was born September 24, 1961, making her the youngest character in That '70s Show.

Who are the main characters of That '70s Show?

Red and Kitty's actors are confirmed to star in That ‘90s Show ’s main cast, while That ‘70s Show ’s original characters Eric, Donna, Fez, Jackie, Kelso, and Leo will be returning for guest appearances.

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