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Frequently Asked Questions

How many peak sun hours do solar panels need?

While your panels may receive an average 7 hours of daylight per day, the average peak sun-hours may actually be closer to 3 or 4. Weather is also a factor. States like California or Florida can expect more clear and sunny days.

Do solar panels get more heat from the Sun?

This means that it can cool down more easily that leads to the accumulation of heat, causing components to overheat and get damaged. The more intense the heat from the sun, the more the output of energy is decreased. This is kind of surprising, keeping in mind that solar panels work better in areas with a sunny climate.

Do solar panels need direct sunlight?

Solar panels don’t need direct sunlight to work. However, they can only produce their rated output under direct sunlight. For example, a 100W solar panel will only produce 100 Watts of power if it’s directly facing the sun. The amount of power a solar panel produces depends directly on how much sunlight is accessing it.

Do solar panels need sun or just light?

The answer to the first question is yes; solar panels can work without direct sunlight. The matter of fact is solar panels use daylight energy to produce electricity, and they do not need direct sunlight to work. A surprising answer, isn’t it? Well, the reason is that the photons in natural daylight get converted into electricity by solar panels.

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