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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information on Harris County toll roads?

Find information on toll roads, closures, and rates. For the latest updates on Harris County Toll Roads, follow HCTRA on social media.

What is all-electronic tolling?

All-electronic tolling, on the other hand, automatically collects the usage fee or toll charged to vehicles using toll roads , HOV lanes, or toll bridges at the point of passage. The Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) issues drivers an automated radio transponder device, called and EZ TAG, which is displayed on the vehicle’s windshield.

What happens when HCTRA receives my affidavit?

Once HCTRA's Customer Service Department receives your affidavit, the violation invoice will be closed and our records will be amended. Per Texas Transportation Code 372.053, eligibility is limited to vehicles which are: Vehicles which are not eligible are required to pay the applicable toll.

Do disabled veterans have to pay for tolls in Texas?

Texas Transportation Code § 372.053 authorizes Texas tolling entities to offer free or discounted use of a toll project to Texas-registered vehicles with qualifying specialty license plates for Disabled Veterans, Purple Heart recipients, Medal of Honor recipients, and Legion of Valor recipients.

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