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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Houston County Toll Road Authority provide?

The Harris County Toll Road Authority, located in Houston, TX, is a government agency that oversees Houston transportation systems and infrastructure. The Department of Transportation creates and implements plans to develop an efficient, accessible, and convenient transportation network in Houston.

How much do tolls cost on the Houston County Toll Road?

Toll costs for toll roads in Houston depend upon the toll facility, toll payment- EZ TAGor cash, and vehicle axle count. Tolls for major toll roads in Houston for 2-axle cars and motorcycles Toll Road Toll Plaza EZ TAG Toll Rate (in USD) Sam Houston Tollway Wilson Road $0.50 SH 99 Grand Parkway Colonial Parkway $0.48 Fort Bend Parkway

Where can I get an EZ TAG for Houston County toll roads?

You can get a toll tag in Houston both online- on HCTRA website and offline at EZ Tag store. EZ Tag in Houston can be activated for free with the required prepaid toll deposit. Houston toll roads for visitors and rental cars Visitors or out of state drivers are also required to pay tolls just like the locals in Houston, Texas.

Is the Sam Houston Tollway a toll road?

The Sam Houston Tollway is a great road on so many levels. It should probably have more than two lanes for when it gets backed up, but most of the time it's nice and free-flowing because it is a toll road.

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