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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hobby Lobby owned by the Mormon Church?

Hobby Lobby is not owned by the Mormon church. It is a Protestant organization that promotes Jesus Christ as our Savior. They have full page features in our newspaper showing the birth of Christ and at Easter time his resurrection story.

Does Hobby Lobby have coupons?

Hobby Lobby Tips and Tricks: Hobby Lobby is well known for their weekly sales, and they often include several departments. There is always a 40% coupon available. Hobby Lobby also has a clearance section listed under the seasonal category.

Does Hobby Lobby Match competitor coupons?

Craft Stores. Hobby Lobby: Honors competitors' ads in-store, if a specific price is listed and they stock the exact same item, but they don't honor percent off ads or coupons. Holiday specials, clearance items and certain brands are not eligible for price matching.

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