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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hapag-Lloyd a good cruise ship?

All Hapag-Lloyd's cruise liners offer in-port and shipboard experiences ranging from zodiac expedition to luxury. Vessels are budget-wise, as fares are on the high side. Hanseatic and Bremen are expedition ships with the highest given to passenger ships E4 ice-class rating allowing year-round Antarctic and Arctic navigation.

How do I search for Hapag Lloyd shipping schedules?

You can search for schedules along any start and end points in combination with the dates of arrival and departure. The schedules are updated regularly for maximum accuracy. However, as is to be expected, the search results are limited to the Hapag Lloyd shipping schedule.

Is Hapag-Lloyd liable for damages caused by data shown on this website?

While we do our best to keep the content up-to-date, Hapag-Lloyd shall not be liable for damages caused by data shown on this website. For further details please see our legal terms on the use of the Hapag-Lloyd website.

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