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Frequently Asked Questions

Are gymshark leggings on Amazon good?

Gymshark is perhaps most loved for its matching sets and textured fabrics — and these Amazon finds have similar features, resembling Gymshark's Adapt Camo Seamless Sports Bra, Vital Seamless Leggings, and more. And with high ratings all around, it's no wonder why shoppers can't get enough of the dupes.

Is gymshark a good dupe brand?

Especially if they come out with a dupe for the legacy shorts or sol lift ones. So many great dupes to fill in your gym wardrobe at an affordable price. I love Gymshark, but I'm sold on these Amazon finds! There are some really helpful reviews on this one showing a side by side comparison.

What's the difference between aoxjox and gymshark's leggings?

The curve-accentuating shading is an especially flattering feature of Gymshark's Vital Seamless Leggings ($50, — and Aoxjox's leggings have a similar design. Not to mention, they're available in a whopping 42 different colors.

Can you get a dupe of seamless Camo leggings?

Pair these popular seamless camo leggings with the matching seamless camo workout top, and you'll have a near-perfect dupe — for less than half the price. Just like the Gymshark versions, these are made with a soft, seamless compression material.

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