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Frequently Asked Questions

Is gymshark a good dupe brand?

Especially if they come out with a dupe for the legacy shorts or sol lift ones. So many great dupes to fill in your gym wardrobe at an affordable price. I love Gymshark, but I'm sold on these Amazon finds! There are some really helpful reviews on this one showing a side by side comparison.

Does gymshark have shorts?

Shorts! Gymshark doesn't have shorts for the camo line, but they should. This is one of the brands that seems to enjoy copying Gymshark's styles. They even use similar names for the different collections.

What are gymshark's Ombre leggings?

With style always at top of mind, Gymshark has several different ombre styles, including the Adapt Ombre Seamless Leggings ($60, ). This Amazon pair passes are a dupe for Gymshark's gray and pink gradient colorway, and they're also constructed to give a natural butt-lifting effect.

Is there any time like the present for gymshark?

There's no time like the present. Unlock exclusive deals, our latest drops, and more! Sign up for texts. The Gymshark community is devoted to unlocking potential through conditioning and the things we do today to prepare for tomorrow. When it comes to performing at your max, there should be no obstacles – least of all your workout clothes.

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