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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best handgun for home defense?

The best all-around choice among handguns for home defense is the double action (DA) revolver. These are the typical "police" style revolvers, such as the Colt Python, Ruger GP100, Smith & Wesson Model 10 and Taurus Model 608. The best of these come with fully adjustable sights.

What is cheaper than dirt?

Cheaper Than Dirt is a household name through extensive marketing efforts; mailing millions of catalogs annually and receiving millions of visitors a month to our website. The breadth of products offered expands over many categories with hundreds of thousands of products in stock and ready to ship immediately. Please...

Who can buy a gun?

Buy a gun from a licensed retailer if required in your state of residence. In the US, gun retailers need to have a Federal Firearm License (FFL) to sell firearms legally. Every seller of firearms should be willing to provide proof of license, if asked.

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