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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guidehouse consulting?

Guidehouse Consulting is a newborn in the consulting world. The firm was effectively founded in 2018 when PwC, the professional services conglomerate, sold off its public sector consulting arm to private equity firm Veritas Capital. A year later, Guidehouse acquired Navigant Consulting to bolster the commercial side of its business.

Who is Guidehouse owned by?

Guidehouse, a portfolio company of private equity firm Veritas Capital, has completed its acquisition of Navigant, a Chicago-based global management consulting firm. Guidehouse completes $1.1 billion acquisition of Navigant

What is guideguidehouse?

Guidehouse is the only scaled consultancy in the world to fully integrate commercial and public or government businesses within each of our industry segments because complex problems require both perspectives to address and outwit.

How much does Guidehouse make a year?

At the time, both firms were bringing in around $700M in annual revenues. Once the transaction was complete, Guidehouse was a 7,000-person, $1.3B consulting firm. Guidehouse serves a mix of public and commercial clients, with an emphasis on industries that are highly regulated (ex: healthcare, defense, national security, etc.).

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