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Frequently Asked Questions

What is guideguidehouse?

Guidehouse is the only scaled consultancy in the world to fully integrate commercial and public or government businesses within each of our industry segments because complex problems require both perspectives to address and outwit.

Who is the Senior Research Director at Guidehouse?

Mackinnon Lawrence Senior Research Director Mackinnon Lawrence is a director in Guidehouse's global Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure practice and the leader of Guidehouse Insights.

Who is Guidehouse insights’ client service lead?

Previously, Maxwell was Guidehouse Insights’ client service lead, facilitating communications and customer service with the group’s global client base. Maxwell holds a BA in political science, with a minor in German, from Occidental College and studied abroad at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany.

Why guideguidehouse consulting?

Guidehouse offers skilled consulting teams with fresh perspectives to help our commercial and public sector clients achieve mission success in innovative yet practical ways. We present agile solutions with sustainable outcomes that meet mission requirements and drive the transformation required to complete, deter, and win in our evolving world.

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