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Frequently Asked Questions

What do my students see in Google Classroom?

What do students see on their Google classroom? See all your work for a class You can see a list of all your work for a class. You can check your grades, review assignments and due dates, and see any work that’s late or missing. You can also filter your work by class. Go to and click Sign In.

Why Google Classroom is bad?

There are several reasons. The first and most obvious is the incursion of a high-profile and controversial media company into the higher education sector and the extent to which that is funded by a large disruptive digital search company.

Can students access Google Classroom from home?

Yes. Your communication with Google is end-to-end encrypted, so you can access Google’s services securely wherever you are. Many schools continue are using Google Classroom while teachers and students are all “going to school” from home. Looking for a better way to transcribe?

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